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Save up to 25% on your postage expenses!

We can offer full gum, post-office fresh older stamps for use as postage at prices cheaper than the Post Office. Most of these stamps are not the current postage rate, so you will need two or more stamps to pay current postal rate, but they can be used in any combination to pay any applicable postage rate, whether for letters or parcels.

Stamps are offered in Groups, sorted by denomination. The more stamps you are willing to put on your envelopes, the more you save. Stamps are packaged per 100 of the same denomination.

Mininum order is $100 face value. You may combine groups, as long as the total order is $100 face value or more.
Free shipping! Payment by Paypal or check only please. Any questions? Please Contact us.

Group A: Under 10c
Group A: Under 10¢
75% of face value
(Save 25%)
Group A: Under 30c
Group B: 10¢ to 29¢
75% of face value
(Save 25%)
Group C: 30c-44c
Group C: 30¢ to 44¢
80% of face value
(Save 20%)
Group D: forever stamps
Group D: Forever Stamps
First Class (66¢)
90% of face value
(Save 10%)
Group E: 50c up
Group E: 50¢ and up
90% of face value
(Save 10%)
Special order only. Please inquire for availability.
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(Face Value)
Group A
Under 10¢ stamps
Price 75% of face value
$ Group-1
Group B
10¢ to 29¢ stamps
Price 75% of face value
$ Group-2
Group C
30¢ to 44¢ stamps
Price 80% of face value
$ Group-3
Group D
Forever First Class stamps (66¢)
Price 90% of face value
$ Group-4
Group E
50¢ and up stamps
Price 90% of face value
$ Group-5
Total   Total

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Minimum order is $100 face value (any combination). Orders are accepted subject to available stock. We will get back to you ASAP with an invoice based on availability. We will send instructions on completing payment with our invoice.