Frequently Asked Questions

Basic information on using our site and ordering from us is found on our Terms of Sale page. This page provides additional explanation of questions we have been asked.

Prices and Payments

Using the website

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I live in another country. How do I pay?

We try to offer as many convenient forms of payment as possible.

Please see our Payments Page for further details.

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What credit cards do you accept?

We do not accept credit cards directly. You may use your credit card through Paypal (you do not need to have a Paypal account).

Please see our Payments Page for further details.

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If a sheet is on the site, is it guaranteed to be available?

Our stock levels vary. We try to keep all listed sheets on hand, but from time to time we may be sold out of certain sheets. We will adjust your final invoice to reflect any items temporarily sold out.

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The Shopping Cart does not work!

The only reason we have encountered for this problem is that your browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.) is not accepting "Cookies". Cookies are small bits of information that our server sends to your browser. When the server asks for the information later, your browser returns it to identify itself so that the proper shopping cart can be retrieved. Think of the process like a ticket at a coat check - you hand in your ticket to get your coat back. If your browser is set on "No Cookies" (i.e. Privacy settings too high!), it's like saying you won't take the ticket for your coat, so it's hardto get it back later! Our cookies do not store any sensitive information. They are only a random number used to identify a particular shopping cart. (Your name, address and email are stored only if you request it upon checkout. And remember, they are stored on your computer, not ours.

When you try to add the first item to your Shopping Cart, our system will test for Cookie Acceptance. Pay attention to the resulting message! If it says your browser is not accepting our cookie, don't bother going any further until it's fixed. You can still e-mail us a list of stock numbers you want, but you can expect some will be sold out by the time we process your order.

To check your Cookie setting:

Internet Explorer 6.0: From the menu bar, choose Tools >> Internet Options >> Privacy tab.Any setting of the slide below "High" should work. Our Cookie is a "First Party" cookie that does not store personal information. If you still have a problem after that, it may be a Firewall issue. Sorry, but we can't help you with that.

Netscape Navigator: (We have not used Netscape since version 4.05 so these instructions are probably out of date, but may give you a place to look).From the menu bar, choose Edit , Preferences, Advanced:(We>. Then in the "Cookies" section make any selection except "Disable cookies".

Firefox: From the menu bar, choose Tools >> Options >> Privacy tab. Do either:

  1. Check "Accept Cookies" >> until they expire OR
  2. Uncheck "Accept Cookies" AND Click on "Exceptions", add to the list, and ALLOW.

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The full size pictures won't come up!

We frequently hear: "I clicked on a thumbnail and it skipped to the top of the page instead of giving me the pop-up window with the full size picture."

The reason for this is always the same. You have a pop-up blocker active. All blockers can be set to allow pop-ups from trusted sites.That's what you need to do, but we can't help you actually do it, since there are so many different pieces of software out there. If you can't find the "trusted" switch, just turn off your blocker while on our site. There are no "nasty" advertising pop-ups here. We have encountered situations where, even after disabling a pop-up blocker, the problem did not go away. The answer was that more than one blocker was active! This can happen for example, by having toolbar blockers on your browser and another separate stand-alone blocker.

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I have a question that's not here!

Use the "Contact Us" link in the menu at the top to contact us with your question. We'll answer it, and maybe post it here for the next person

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