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Large online catalog
US mint sheets for sale.

Shop for mint sheets

Need Special Stamps
for a
Special Occasion?

We have large quantities of many popular US stamps for use as postage for special occasions:

  • Love stamps for
    wedding or engagement announcements
  • Christmas stamps
  • Many different topics for
    business promotions, framers etc
Priced per 100. Write or call for quotes.
Save money on your postage bill!

$100 in stamps for just $80.
$1000 for $800

save 20% on your postage budget.
(you will need two stamps to make up the current first class rate).

How can we sell stamps for less than the Post Office?
Many stamps were put away by collectors in much larger quantities than there is current demand.
We have to clear these out!

You save 20% off Post Office prices.

Please order by calling or emailing us.

We buy stamps!

Whether you have an accumulation of US mint stamps straight from the post office, or Grandad's worldwide collection that you inherited, we are interested in buying.

Read more!

Contact us:

Mailing Address:
Wayne Gehret
P.O. Box 686,
Ephrata, PA